Short Musing About the Granado Espada PH Commercial Launch and E-games Evolution Event


Hello dear readers. where back! sorry for not updating in the past few days cause where kind of busy attending some Granado Espada event here in our country.


(Random Pic Nate Reclusion’s Stuff Toys in the Laundry Basket…)

Granado Espada PH Commercial Launch, One Esplanade 

(September 15 2007 )

The most awaited event of specially for the players in the Philippines and yes we where there. Held at One Esplanade near the Vicinity of the SM Mall of Asia.

The Venue

dsc02192.jpg dsc02193.jpg dsc02194.jpg

(Event Crowd! )

First i was expecting an event inside the One Esplanade but it only takes place outside. At the time we arrived on the venue they are still preparing the set for the Godskitchen Ala Night Raid Party set. As i said earlier it takes place on an Open Field Area means only a roof present (lol). what i like on the area is that it is just beside The Manila Bay.  So the temperature is not an issue because of the natural ventilation coming from the bay ( lol 2 its really windy that day). So if youre a real life GE Lovers well you can just take a break from the event and sit on those bench like thingy that can be found on the bay and see the sunset (so romantic.. ). The place is really spacey and theres not to much people than expected. Some already go home after buying their box.

dsc02215.jpg dsc02216.jpg

( The Mall of Asia and Star City Fireworks Display that somewhat stole the Event-Goers Interest lol. )

The Booths and The Standees

Only few booths are present and to name a few they are the FHM booth, Marlboro Booth, Smart TV booth?, The booth for the Tournament and the Merchandise booth where you can buy those GE Limited Edition Box Set for 2500php, some GE Merchandise like Caps, Tshirt and Jackets and they also sell some GVC ( Game Value Cards ).

Playing around with those Standees.

dsc02225.jpg dsc02227.jpg dsc02226.jpg 

(Got Executioned Shot by a Musketeer Standee = Priceless! )


( I was sitting behind this  Elemenalist Standee while talking to my faction mate Ahtreide of Destiny. Funny thing is that when you saw him talk with actions and you where a little bit far from us. It looks like he is talking to the standee cause im not visible enough to see :p )

dsc02220.jpg  dsc02233.jpg

(Wizard Standee in front of the World Map wall scroll that is used for the GE live Quest. Second pic the Wiz is not alone the Ele join her.)

Live Quest and Liberty Wrath Tournament

Nate Reclusion and some of our former faction mate from Escudo ( Stiles and Clausher ) creates a team and joined the Live Quest. The quest will start by creating a Family ( team composed of 3 people ) then the second step is to Create a faction Emblem, Next is too vote for a Granado Espada Cosplayer.  The first three Family to finish wins a prize. Sad to say we are the Fourth.

dsc02251.jpg dsc02250.jpg

( The Live Quest Passport )

The player from Cebu bring home the Bacon as they are declared as the winner of the Liberty Wrath’s PVP tournament. The final batlle is between the Cebu team VS. Davao team. They are ( players from Baguio, Cebu, Davao etc. ) lucky enough cause all their accomodation and lounging is paid by the Ip-Interactive people. 


( A Little Wide Screen Picture )

The Cosplay

If theres an Online Gaming event well theres a Cosplay Competition. Its like a must-have department if an event is a Company. There are two categories for the cosplay event namely the Granado Espada Cosplay and the Open Category where you can cosplay some characters from Anime and manga also *insert japanese culture here*. On the said event i saw a lots of Traditional Naruto and Bleach Cosplayers ( what i mean is i already saw them cosplaying those character on some other cosplay  event i swear! no offence meant ) Even some of the IP-Interactive Staffs cosplayed a character from the game, DeSanggria posed as Idge Imburglia and Veya PH Community Manager as Emilia The Sage. I only saw 3 cosplayer participant for the GE category and they are the Kid as Catherine The Summoner ( Barbie Helena and Ken Llyod anyone? Won the Second Place ), Ligaya of cosplaying as Brunnie Ettiene ( She won the Third Place ) and The Female Elementalist wearing a Seductive Robe of Flame ( She’s the First place for the GE category ). Only 3 GE cosplayers means they are the winner by Default.

We managed to do some Picture Taking and Lil Interview and an instant Pictorial with the lamps with the Cosplayers so where sharing it with you guys.  The Hard part is to take pictures with the little Catherine.

dsc02197.jpg dsc02196.jpg

(Nate Reclusion striking a Pose with Brunnie and Lil’Catherine…)

dsc02205.jpg dsc02198.jpg

(DeSangria as Idge Striking a “Two Pistol Pose” and Ligaya as Brunnie striking a pose with her Pistols!…)

Damn i love the Details on Bunnies Costume.. So well-crafted including her Pistol.

dsc02206.jpg dsc02208.jpg

(The Female Elementalist preparing to Cast her Fire Ball to you! … thanks to Alex Crosse for taking the Pictures)

 dsc02201.jpg dsc02203.jpg dsc02202.jpg

(Haruhi Suzumiya Cosplayer launches his Mikuru Beam!! )

Divine Angel Wings for Grab!

First 150 ( yes 150 not 100 ) players to register will receive a Divine Angel Wings. Also those who will win the GE Quiz like event will win Divine Angel Wings too.. And Nate Reclusion grabs one for use by answering the question ” Give at least 3 Veteran Stances “ and he answer “Domination Fire, Ice and Light” ha ha such an easy answer to get the Wings :p good job though and that is the third wing for our Family. Too bad i didnt witness that quiz contest cause im off to Mall of Asia with my friend.

Side Notes

Finally meet and greet DeSanggria on the event while Nate meets DeSanggria and Ninemoons here. i didnt manage to talk to Ninemoons cause i think she’s kinda busy writing stuffs for her Tourney Cover. so i decided to approach her on the event tommorow cause im sure she’s there.

I didnt attend the Raid Party because we are really tired and our feet is killing us not to mention the E-games Evolution that will be held on the next day. Michelle Madrigal and Paloma both cover girls of FHM for August and September Issue of the FHM PH mag made a cameo apperance on the event. My only concern about the event that thet dont have any food stalls on the area and if you want to eat you really need to take a long walk just to reach the Mall of Asia.

Another things is that i sawa lot of familiar faces from Level Up Games here that i think migrated to e-games like the girl who got a name tag of “Jojo”.

E-games Evolution Event. SM North Edsa The Block 

(September 17 2007 )

The event features all the games of E-games philippines. but what we do is to focus and participate more on the GE side of the event. On this event Nate Reclusion grabs another Divine Angel Wings ( the fourth one lol! ) and some GE merchandise for answering the GE Quiz Contest again.  By answering the question ” Describe any of the future GE patch that i showed a while ago” and he answered “Tropical island patch“. before he won Ninemoons won by answering the questions “Give atleast 3 Future GE RNPC“.

We also participated on the GE Mini tournament Triple X Triple. sad to say we lost because one of my team mate which is Alex Crosse is not yet experienced enough and dont have a hands on knowledge about PVP’ing on Granado Espada take note that this is the first time he handles the character he chooses.

 dsc02234.jpg dsc02237.jpg

(Behold the Crimson GE Booth inspired with a Greek-Like Architecture and The Game Marshall on the GE booth, i saw him the other day too… )

but we manage to win the second battle. Funny thing is our enemy slightly copied our lineup ( Mostly Elementalist and Wizards i mean lots of Wizards… ) on the Final Battle which we didnt expect. anyway it was a good fight and Veya hands us some Goodie Bag. 😛

Finally on this day i bought my Limited Edition Box Set.

dsc02253.jpg dsc02254.jpg

(The GE Box Set and The Reclusion’s GE work place )

Picturesque is the Picture you paint effortlessly

dsc02242.jpg dsc02239.jpg

The Granado Espada booth stamp babe and the Elementalist Standee.

(Nate Reclusion’s Crush lol )

dsc02236.jpg dsc02235.jpg

 A Model cosplaying Le Blanc Wizard… Speaking of cosplaying i saw again the Female Elementalist cosplaying the same character from the GE launch. i wonder if she wash her costume? 🙂


Nate, Ninemoons and Me! for a Quick shot Picture from ninemoons Blog.

(Nate: Oh no! I lo0k haggard there! >_< )

Well thats all for my Musing till next event 🙂


6 Responses to Short Musing About the Granado Espada PH Commercial Launch and E-games Evolution Event

  1. DeSanggria says:

    haha shet you guys are animals! di ba kayo napagod? hehe. anyway, it was GREAT meeting you guys again. thanks for going to our events and for your constructive criticism. hehe.

    oh btw..that wizard isn’t wearing clara mago robes, but a le blanc ensemble. 😀

  2. Lord Darrick says:

    Haha thanks for droppin by DS and nice to meet yah.. ha ha ha yes indeed it is a Le Blanc but why did it put claro mago .. weird.. anyway ty for the correction..

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